Training Services

Exceptional in services that improve the abilities of our members to obtain independence and quality of life.

Attendant Care

Zion assigned its qualified care givers / attendant to supply needed services in order for our consumer to remain in their homes …

Respite Care

This service may be provided in the member’s or provider’s home, and any community site inspected and approved …


Transporting qualified members to and from medical appointments. The Division may prior authorize an aide to accompany …

Habilitation Services - Support – Hourly

Zion provides habilitation and special developmental skills to our members help them to improve their daily living skill towards independent living. Zion offers these services in our member’s home or in the community and might include activities to help the member learn to become independent. Service includes but not limited to; how to use the bathroom or to cook a meal or balance a check book.

The services provided are specific to what the member may need to learn to become more independent or be a valued member of his/her community based on his/her own choices in certain areas. “We work with the abilities and the disabilities.”

Individually Designed Living Arrangement

Zion is authorized to provide this services in a non-licensed residential living situation for Division members. Our members choose where and with whom they will live and assume all responsibility for their residence. Generally, one (1) or more members reside together in a private residence that is leased or owned by the member(s) and/or the member(s) representative.

The focus of this service is to provide habilitative supports to these members based on the collective need for direct staff support to eligible members who have chosen to reside together and share their resources.

Supported Developmental Home (Adult & Foster Care Child)

Zion provides exceptional services to recruit, study, train, monitor, support, administrative supervision, and recommend families for licensing/re-licensing and/or certification of child and adult developmental homes. Zion provides this service to members who reside in licensed developmental homes (child or adult) that are subcontractors to Zion.

Zion provides support to promote the physical, emotional, and mental well-being, to enable the member to acquire knowledge and skills and be a valued member of his/her community based on his/her own choices. Zion provides monthly consultation and supports the provider to meet the needs of the member, transportation to support daily living activities, monthly progress reports on ISP outcomes and healthcare appointments, maintain monitoring reports, recruitment data/home studies, and inspection for each home.

Group Home - With Room & Board

Zion provides exceptional services to our members who have a variety of needs in a residential setting (24-hour day service, Room and Board), and a safe and healthy living environment. Zion develops pre-placement service and orientation system:

With ISP team to develop or revise the ISP within 30 days of admission/ change to a community residential settings or licensee

A specific teaching strategy for each functional outcome within thirty (30) days of admission to a community residential settings

Develop training plan which is related to personal and physical needs and routine daily living skills of the member;

Develop teaching plan or strategy for each objective assigned to the Group Home by the ISP team.


Zion staff provides assistance in the performance of routine household activities for qualified consumers at their place of residence.


Zion always offers a choice to members/members’ representative regarding a mutual agreement to service and will make sure the members/consumers’ representative agree with the service. A qualified Zion housekeeper (staff) is assigned to perform the service.  Our housekeeping services includes but not limited to: Dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, oven, refrigerator, and windows (if necessary for safe and sanitary living conditions), cleaning kitchen, washing dishes, routine maintenance and cleaning of household appliances, changing linens and making bed, washing, drying and folding the consumer’s laundry (ironing only if necessary), shopping for and storing household supplies and medicines. Taking garbage out and other duties as determined appropriate and necessary by the ISP team.


Training Services - Class Calendar

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